A Complete Material Characteristics Guide

All of the information you need to choose the best material for your application.


When developing a new part, it is critical to choose the correct materials. This ensures that safety, reliability and cost goals are exceeded. 

At HPL Stampings, we understand that making the wrong decision on supplies for your application cannot be an option. Our core values are grounded in providing essential solutions that will enhance our customers and the industries they serve. Our newest downloadable resource, A Complete Material Characteristics Guide, brings us one step closer to achieving this initiative. 

Our Complete Material Characteristics Guide covers:

  • Metals that are the most resistant to corrosion
  • How stainless steel usage promotes green manufacturing
  • How thermoplastics offer a low cost alternative to metallic substances
  • Which materials are most suitable for the gas, petrochemical and mining industries
  • Electrical and thermal conductivity specifications for commonly used supplies
  • And much more.

Through more than 75 years of experience, we have served virtually every industry around the world and have successfully delivered precision metal stamping products using countless different materials. We invite you to explore some of the information we’ve learned over the years. Download our free guide today.

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